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Market Square

Old Synagogue

General Information

Please contact me if you have connections to Szczuczyn, and I don't already know about you.
I have a lot more material and information about Szczuczyn families that is not online.
If your family was from Szczuczyn or you had branches in this town,
I will surely have additional data and actual records for many of your ancestors and relatives.

Location: In the former Lomza Gubernia, near the northeastern border of Poland
Distance from important shtetls in the area:
3.5 miles N of Wasosz; 8.4 miles SW of Grajewo;
9.3 miles NE of Grabowo; 10.2 miles NW of Klimaszewnica;
12.2 miles NNW of Radzilow
Many Szczuczyn families had roots and/or cousin branches in Radzilow. There were far more marriages between residents of Radzilow and Szczuczyn than between those of Radzilow and any other town. Also, many Radzilovers moved at some point to the larger town of Szczuczyn for economic reasons.
15.1 miles NNE of Stawiski; 18.3 miles NE of Kolno;
19.3 miles WNW of Goniadz; 19.6 miles N of Jedwabne;
20.0 miles SW of Rajgrod; 25.5 miles N of Wizna;
27.9 miles NNE of Lomza
Coordinates: 53 34'N / 22 18'E
Latitude: 53.5667 Longitude: 22.3000
Altitude: 495 feet (150 meters)
Currently in Podlaskie Province, Grajewski District (which includes 5 counties: Grajewo, Radzilow, Rajgrod, Szczuczyn, Wasosz)
Other Information:
The town had a population of 2,506 Jewish residents in 1921.
Other accounts place the Jewish population at around 3,000 at the start of WWII, out of a total of about 5,000 residents. These figures might include some of the outlying rural areas right outside of Szczuczyn.
Pronounced: SHTOOT-CHIN (accent on CHIN by Jewish residents; accent on TOOT by Polish residents)
Other spellings: Shtutchin, Shtutsin, Shtusin, Stuzin
Some information from Where Once We Walked. A Guide to the Destroyed Communities of the Holocaust, by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Sack. Published by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, New Jersey, 1991.


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Szczuczyn Photo Exhibits
Previously at:
  Angelo St. University, Texas
  Tulane University, Newcomb Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA
  Beth Tzedek Museum, Toronto, Canada
  Zydowski Instytut Historyczny Museum, Warsaw, Poland

Szczuczyn Population Statistics (Compilation of Data From Many Sources):
Breakdown of the Individual Statistical Sources

Szczuczyn Population Statistics (Compilation)

Year 1808 1827 1857 1890 1893 1897 1905 1906 1908 1914 1921
Total Population 2,186 3,068 2,996 --- --- 5,043 --- --- --- --- 4,502
Number of Jews 675 1,970 2,268 --- --- 3,336 --- --- --- --- 2,506
Percent Jews 31% 64% 76% 81% 73% 66% 73% 58% 58% 69% 56%
The cemetery no longer exists. All that remains is an open field with the remains of a few gravestones scattered on the ground. It was located just slightly to the east of the Synagogue, in the northern part of town.
Photo of Cemetery Site
Current Statistics About the Szczuczyn Urban/Rural District:
Population: 7,060
Area: 116 square kilometers
Population Density:  61 people per square kilometer
Mayor: Stanislaw Wydolowski
Current Council Chairman: Ryszard Witkowski
Contact me for addresses and phone numbers
Important institutions and organizations: The Cooperative Bank (BS); Post Office; Polish Telecommunications; Community Centre; the Diversified Communal Enterprise - (the municipal water mains and water treatment plant)
Hotels and Restaurants: The Pocztowy Inn; The Posejdon Inn; The Samanta Restaurant
Other Sources of Information About Szczuczyn:
GA (Ghetto Anthology)
GUM4, GUM5 (Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period;
Yad Vashem Archival Material)
HSL, HSL2 (Hebrew Subscription Lists, Books 1 and 2)
JGFF (Jewish Genealogical Family Finder)
LDL (Latter Day Leaders, Sages and Scholars)
LDS (Latter-day Saints Family History Library Locality Catalog)
PHP4 (Pinkas Hakehillot: Poland - Vol. IV, Warszawa and its Region)
POCEM (Informacja Dotyczaca Cmentarzy Wyznania Mojzeszowego w Polsce)
[Jewish Cemeteries in Poland]
SF (Shtetl Finder)
YB (Yizkor Book)
From: Where Once We Walked. A Guide to the Destroyed Communities of the Holocaust, by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Sack. Published by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, New Jersey, 1991.

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