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Picture Gallery of Miriam Algera's Trip to Szczuczyn, 1999
and Joseph Cohen's, 1994

Miriam Algera and Jan Willem
next to the town sign

Monument to Holocaust Victims
The land behind the monument is
where everybody was killed.
This is also where there was a
Jewish graveyard before the war.

The area where most of the murders
took place

These are bits of gravestone that are scattered around under the grass. (The man on right and his two daughters showed Miriam around the gravesite, while the man in the blue sweater translated.)

This is the house near the original graveyard where the bodies used to be washed. The man and his family live there now.

Photos courtesy of Miriam Algera, 1999

Town Hall

Joseph Cohen in front of Town Square

Photos courtesy of Joseph Cohen, 1994

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