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In Israel
Szczuczyn Landsmanshaftn
Information and pictures from meetings of the Society
Picture of the Memorial Plaque (dedicated to the towns of Radzilow, Grajewo, Szczuczyn, and Rajgrod) at Holon Cemetery, Israel
In New York

Szczuczyn Landsmanshaftn and Cemeteries
Picture of the Society's 50th Anniversary Jubilee Dinner
Information about Burial Societies in the New York Area
The Szczuczyner-Grajewer Shul
Picture and some information about the Szczuczyn Shul, during its merger with the Grajewo Shul. Amusing tale of the relationship between the two groups.
In Chicago

Szczuczyn Landsmanshaftn and Cemeteries
Memorial Stone for Szczuczyn & Synagogue at Chicago Jewish Waldheim Cemetery's Stuchiner Section