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If you'd like your photos to be included, please contact me. See also note below.

Black & White Photos of Szczuczyn - Pre-WWII
Black & White Pictures of Szczuczyn - 1950's
Picture Gallery of Recent Images
Jeff Kaiser's Trip, 2004
Massie Family's Trip, 2004
Mike Marvins' Trip, 2001
Stanley Bernstein's Trip, 2001
Miriam Algera's, Joe Cohen's Trip, 1999/94
Henry Massie's Trip, 1991
Yad Vashem
Szczuczyn section in the Valley of Communities
Monument in Szczuczyn
Photos of the monument dedicated to the Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust
Cemetery Site
Photo of what once was the cemetery site; remains of a few gravestones are scattered on the ground
Szczuczyn Landsmen in Israel
Pictures of Nearby Towns
Radzilow - 12 miles SSE of Szczuczyn
Many families had roots or cousin branches in Radzilow; More marriages between residents of both towns than with those of any other town in the region; Many Radzilovers moved at some point to the larger town of Szczuczyn for economic reasons. Contact me to find out if you had Radzilow roots or branches previously unknown to you. [Opens in new window]
Picture Gallery of Szczuczyn Landsmen
Photos taken in Poland
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 1
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 2
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 3
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 4
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 5
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 6
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 7
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 8
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 9
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 10
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 11
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 12
Picture Gallery of Szczuczyn Landsmen
Photos taken in their country of immigration
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 13
Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 14
Yizkor Book Photos
Zalman Kaplan Collection - Photographer
Photos of Kaplan Studio and Family
Photos of Residents
Exhibit in Warsaw, Poland, 2004
Exhibit in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2005
Exhibit in Toronto, Canada, 2007
Exhibit in Angelo St. University, Texas, 2010
Martin Wengrowsky Collection
Pre-War Photos from his father's collection
Photo Identification Section
Specific requests to identify landsmen

Note: There are over 350 more photos which I've decided not to include in this public section, for various reasons, including non-reciprocation, or lack of cooperation by some of their landsmen families on other matters. These include many different Szczuczyn surnames and families not pictured above. I will consider releasing them on a case-by-case basis if related families send me the photos or Szczuczyn material they have in their possession.

Special passworded sub-sections, by category and/or surname.
Password to specific sub-sections given at my discretion.