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Szczuczyn Photo Album, Part 3

Pictures taken in Poland

Unknown, with the exception of
Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg
(front and center)

[L-R]: Tobiasz Szejnberg,
his first wife Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg, and Chaim Ber Szejnberg

Unknown, with the exception of
Tobiasz Szejnberg (lower right)

Tobiasz Szejnberg

The Szejnberg brothers
[L-R]: Chaim Ber, Fiszel, and Tobiasz

Tobiasz Szejnberg

Unknown Szejnberg Family

[L-R]: Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg, Leja (nee Rozental) Farber and Chana's sister

Leja (nee Rozental) Farber

Jakob Farber

Chana (nee Farber) and Tobiasz Szejnberg

Jakob Farber with an unknown child

Tobiasz Szejnberg on left

Tobiasz Szejnberg with children
Heniek and Rywka

Heniek and Rywka Szejnberg

Taken shortly before
Rywka (Rebecca) Szejnberg (middle)
left for Australia, 1939

Rywka Szejnberg is 4th from left

Friends on the Bridge
Rywka Szejnberg in middle of back row

Jewish School, 1933
Rywka Szejnberg in back row,
2nd from left

First two on left:
Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg and
Tobiasz Szejnberg

Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg
with child
Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg on left

Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg

Chana (nee Farber) Szejnberg on right

Unidentified Szejnberg family

Unidentified Szejnberg family
[Photo taken in Grajewo]

Dressed in Polish national costume.
Rywka Szejnberg, below left of teacher. Ronia Berman, above right of teacher.