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Szczuczyn Yizkor Book

Table of Contents

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Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Jews Live On
The Creation of the Gmiles Khesedim Fund in the Name of the K'dushe Shtutsin (Szczuczyn), Z.L., in Israel
In Memory of our Beloved Shtutsin (Szczuczyn)
Boruch Fishl Zeml
The Great Mitsveh of the Gmiles Khesedim
Meyir Grinfeld
The Official Acknowledgment of the Founding of the Gmiles Khesedim in the Name of the Martyrs of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn)
The Solemn Declaration of the Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Society of New York
Heyman Horovits
The Gmiles Khesedim Fund in the Name of the Martyrs of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn)
Yeshiah Skubelski
The Old and New Gmiles Khesedim
Ruven Finkelshteyn
General Report of the Gmiles Khesedim Fund
General Accounts; Cycle of Loans

Former Residents of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Now Citizens of Israel
The Managing Committee and Auditing Commission of the Gmiles Khesedim Fund
List of Photographs

My thanks to Dr. Alex Stone for contributing and granting me permission to reprint his English translation of Hurban Kehilat Szczuczyn, published in Tel Aviv, 1954, by Former Residents of Szczuczyn in Israel. Dr. Stone had graciously sent me copies many years ago, when I first learned of my family's Szczuczyn roots. All spellings in the portions reprinted here are written as they appear in the translation, with a few exceptions, most notably, substituting "Ch" instead of the "Kh" as is found throughout for such names as Khaye (Chaye) or Borukh (Boruch).

Optical scanning and editing of Dr. Stone's translation, by Jose Gutstein.
Photos contributed by Mike Marvins and Jose Gutstein.

This version of the Szczuczyn Yizkor Book is Copyright 2002 by Jose Gutstein.
NOTE: A few names and phrases have been deliberately inserted throughout the text, which are not in the original, but which do not alter the context, to easily detect unauthorized use and publication of this material, on the internet or elsewhere.

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