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The Tragic Events of the Holocaust

Gazeta Wyborcza Article - June 15, 2012
Gazeta Wyborcza Article - March 6, 2012
IPN investigating murders in Bzury, 2.4 miles E of Szczuczyn.
Chaya Golding Letters
Letters written in 1945, by a survivor of the Holocaust in Szczuczyn, recounting in tremendous detail the events that took place there.
Wengrowsky Letters, 1940 and 1941
Letters written from Lomza (1940) and Szczuczyn (1941) to the Nochim Wengrowsky family in Mexico, by his sister Jantze.
Death of the Szczuczyn Jews
From: The Grajewo Yizkor Book
By: Bashe Kacper
Document of the Historical Commission in Bialystok (1946) detailing the events of the Holocaust in Szczuczyn.
Video of Prayers At The Holocaust Monument in Szczuczyn
Presided over by Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland

Yad Vashem Memorial
Pictures and information about the Memorial located in Jerusalem.
Memorial Stone on Mount Zion, Jerusalem
Picture and translation of the Memorial Stone on Mount Zion, Jerusalem.

Monument in Szczuczyn
Pictures and information about the Monument located in Szczuczyn..