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Life in the Shtetl Up Until the Holocaust

Shtetl in Hebrew
Zalman Kaplan, Photographer
The town's photographer, taking almost all photos in Szczuczyn up until his death in WWII. His story; book about him and his photos; some of the touring exhibits.
Memoirs: Felice Ozerowicz Massie (Bay Area Holocaust Center)
eBook Excerpts from "Felice's Worlds"
Born in Szczuczyn in 1910, she was an assimilated Jewish woman from a wealthy family who went to gymnasium in Vilna, Lithuania and then studied dentistry at the university in Nancy, France, before moving to Palestine in 1935, then to America in 1938. Her memoirs give depictive accounts of her family life in Szczuczyn.
Memoirs: Fay Jozefson Bernstein
She was born in Szczuczyn in 1910. Her father died when she was only 6-months-old, and her mother was left to take on the struggle of supporting all five children. Her memoirs give great insight into the family's ability to carry on, as well as detailed accounts of daily life in Szczuczyn.
Yitzhak Zimnowicz Letter, 1938
Very insightful letter, written 1938, within a week after Kristallnacht, depicting a clear sense of awareness of the tragic events going on in the world around him.
Wengrowsky Letter, 1937
Letter written to the Nochim Wengrowsky family in Mexico, by his cousin Esther, then living in Suwalki, describing the situation of the family left behind in Poland.
Szczuczyn Landsmen Society Letters, 1937
Letters written from Szczuczyn to the Szczuczyn Landsmen Society in Israel.
Kayman Letters
From Szczuczyn
to Shepparton:
Australia's Kaymans
The Immigrant Experience
Away From the Shtetl
Myer Prinstein
Olympic Gold-medalist for the USA, born in Szczuczyn in 1878
Akiba Rubinstein
Grandmaster Chess Champion, born in Stawiski in 1880; married and lived in Szczuczyn until emigrating to Belgium in 1926
Isaac Shapiro
Born in Szczuczyn; Success story in Chicago
Notable Figures
With Szczuczyn Roots
Mama Cass Elliot
Legendary singer of The Mamas and The Papas, whose gr-grandmother was from Szczuczyn
Yankel Rosenbaum and The Crown Heights Riots
Infamous murder during the riots of Yankel Rosenbaum, whose ancestors were from Szczuczyn
Jewish Landmarks

For pinpointed locations, see Szczuczyn Map
Jewish Cemetery