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Kayman Letter 14: By Rywka (nee Rozental) Sosnowski

Written to her sister Zelda and brother-in-law Lozer Kajman in Australia [Yedidi Sosnowski is Rywka's husband]

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Szczuczyn, June 24, 1940

Postcard with Russian stamp and postmark
Stamped "Passed by Censor V69"
Sent to: Mr L Kayman, 80 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Australia

Dear sister, brother-in-law and children,

How are you all and what good news can we expect to hear from you? It is a long time since we have exchanged letters with one another, but not a day passes by that we do not talk about you. I can advise that we are all in reasonable good health at least. I did not know all this time that there is a regular exchange of letters which I learned when visiting Eliezer's parents. Their situation remains the same. Yedidi is now at work and the children took some food for him. Tevche's Bertha [his wife] is also at work because Tevche cannot go to work so she is replacing him. We are expecting an instant reply from you.

From me, Rywka

Letters contributed by Selina Kayman.

Translation from Yiddish to English by Israel Kipen.
Edited by: Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
Editor's notes are entered in [brackets].

Copyright 2004 by Jewish Holocaust Museum & Research Centre in Australia, Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
All rights reserved to the original letter and the translation.

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