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Kayman Letter 02: By Ze'ev/Wolf Kayman

Written to Eliezer and family in Paris

June 16, 1937

Postcard with Polish stamp and postmark
Sent to: Ms. Ch. Chemiak, 9 rue du Cher, Paris (pour Kajman)

To my dear devoted children, may you live in good health.

Dear Eliezer,

I received your card yesterday and I do not have to tell you how I read it, as you can imagine it yourself. I write this card as more tears flow from my eyes than the ink on the paper. When I think of your departure, I find it hard to collect my nerves. May God give me the strength to endure it.

Dear Eliezer, make sure you don't neglect yourself. Steel yourself. You are a young man and may God give you strength. I understand that you are less than happy with the idea of taking such a long journey with such young children, and your own questionable health does not help matters [Eliezer was prone to rheumatism]. But get it all out of your mind. God will give you
endurance and good fortune and you will be happy. You surely know that the night belongs to the coming day and must precede it. I am also writing to Australia [to the Rosenbaum family] and hope that they will receive you kindly.

Dear daughter-in-law Zelda,

I'm cross with you [written in affection] for depriving us of our two young blooming flowers [the grandchildren]. I haven't the strength to cry, but the thought brings constant tears to my eyes. Bring them to us so we can see them and embrace and kiss them.

Dear Zelda I realize that I can't demand such a thing from you, so kiss them in lieu of our silent absence.

Eliezer, you did not write about Moshe. How he is and is he calm? Write to us from Paris and tell us how you and the children are.

Dear Nechemia,

You have promised to write to me, but you have not written [this is written in a teasing tone]. Grandma is missing you. Be good and obedient. Also Moishele. Be well and content, as parents wish their children to be. Write good letters to us.


Dear Sarah,

My son Eliezer thinks he will arrive in Paris on Friday or Saturday. He intends to visit you. Kindly hand this card to them. I send regards to your husband, whom I don't know personally. Your parents, who we have just visited, also send their regards.

With thanks,

Wolf Kayman

Letters contributed by Selina Kayman.

Translation from Yiddish to English by Israel Kipen.
Edited by: Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
Editor's notes are entered in [brackets].

Copyright 2004 by Jewish Holocaust Museum & Research Centre in Australia, Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
All rights reserved to the original letter and the translation.

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