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Kayman Letter 07: By Leibl Rozental (Zelda's Brother), Bialystok

Written to Zelda and Eliezer in Australia

April 27, 1938

Postcard with Polish stamp and postmark
Sent to: Mr L Kayman, c/o Mr Rosenbaum, Box 86, Shepparton, Australia

Dear Sister and family,

Please excuse me for not answering you until now. I did not want you to get all the letters simultaneously, on the same day.

There is no special news from us. Things are getting worse and it is impossible to earn a zloty. The anti-Semitism is getting more acute. We are reaching a situation where no kosher meat will be available at any cost. This Saturday a law was passed in parliament to prohibit kosher killing. Other anti-Jewish laws came into force, like confiscating citizenship from people who lived overseas for more than five years. Things are getting less stable which you will surely comprehend from the foreign news in the papers.

Let me know whether Lozer is now earning enough to be able to save a few pounds. Will it be possible for him to send me immigration papers? Life here is hopeless.

I finish by sending you my heartfelt regards. Try and write to David - he is a lonely man. Our son got his first tooth last week and he was suffering for a while. I beg you to answer me. Lozer too should add a few words.

Letters contributed by Selina Kayman.

Translation from Yiddish to English by Israel Kipen.
Edited by: Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
Editor's notes are entered in [brackets].

Copyright 2004 by Jewish Holocaust Museum & Research Centre in Australia, Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
All rights reserved to the original letter and the translation.

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