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Kayman Letter 13: By Ze'ev/Wolf Kayman

Written to Eliezer and family in Australia

This letter is not dated. The Russian postmarks date the letter as early 1940.

Postcard with Russian stamp and postmark
Stamped "Passed by Censor V69"
Written by: Wolf Kayman, Szczuczyn [Name and return address is written in Russian]
Sent to:Mr L Kayman, 80 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, Melbourne

To my loved and devoted children,

I received your letter and read it with great joy. Please God; I hope that we continue to receive good letters from one another.

Dear Eliezer, why are your references regarding the children so skimpy? Nechemia used to write his own regards and in this letter there is no mention, so please write to me at once.

We are well. It could be better but let it not get any worse. Lately, I've been suffering with pain in my legs. Medicine is unavailable at any cost. I'm at a loss to know how I'm going to cope. Things are quiet, so whoever has money lives satisfactorily. You are asking me how we make a living. You should know the answer yourself. During the First World War I was 40 years old and now [being 60] it is hard for me to move about.

You are also asking what parcels of food you can send us. Others here receive food parcels from America. Can you arrange something like that for us? There is a ready market here for clothing.

Remain well and satisfied. Let us have regular letters. Sarah Sheynberg asks that the children write to her. Abraham Dov is well. He didn't get your letter or the two pounds.

Letters contributed by Selina Kayman.

Translation from Yiddish to English by Israel Kipen.
Edited by: Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
Editor's notes are entered in [brackets].

Copyright 2004 by Jewish Holocaust Museum & Research Centre in Australia, Selina Kayman and Jose Gutstein.
All rights reserved to the original letter and the translation.

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