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Letter From a Szczuczyn Family Living in Suwalki, 1937

Written to the Nochim Wengrowsky Family in Mexico

Suwalki, October 25, 1937

Dear cousin Nochim!

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I received your letter before the Yom Tov [holiday]. How are you, and how is Tzirl? Also, the children? Do you miss Szczuczyn? This is all a dream. I can't believe you all are already in Mexico. May you all be very happy. Regarding our family, surely you know I gave birth to a baby girl. May she live many years and may I not experience any more suffering. Tzirl's mother told my mother that she's going to write and tell you I had a girl. My mother is with us. She feels very weak. Our girl is named Hinde, in honor of one of Sholem's aunts. She is a pretty little girl, may she have good health. On Friday she turned 11 weeks old. Last week was the yortzeit for our grandma.

The tragedy with Rabelinke [my son] occurred very quickly. It depressed me so much that I'm not feeling like myself anymore. I've spent more time in the store than at home, because at home I feel worse. I think too much. Believe me, my dear ones, that for several weeks I've been meaning to write you a letter. My mother reminded me often as to why I don't write. I feel such sadness in my heart that I simply can't open my heart to more of the pain I bring inside me. All I think about is what my dear son told me while he was in bed. I can't describe it, my dear ones. My pain, I can't forget it. My mother brought me a photo of you. I look at it every day.

I can't believe you are in Mexico. I still believe you are in Szczuczyn. Here, our business is bad. We have a competitor, a non-Jew, a Christian, so you can imagine. Nowadays it's not good to have a Polish competitor. With the tobacco business, we still don't know what is going to happen. Before the month of March, they will once again offer the rights [to the selling of tobacco]. Who knows if they will grant us the rights again. Hopefully, there will be no surprises. I ask you Tzirl, to write me, how you are doing and whether you are happy. How do your children feel? May all of you be happy.

Your cousin, who wishes you the very best,



P.S. Also, my dear daughter sends her heartfelt regards. My mother too sends her regards. We all send our love. Regards also to Moishe and his family.

Letter contributed by Martin Wengrowsky.

Translation from Yiddish to Spanish by Martin Wengrowsky.
Translation from Spanish to English by Jose Gutstein.
Editor's notes are entered in [brackets].

Copyright 2002 by Martin Wengrowsky and Jose Gutstein. All rights reserved to the original letter and the translation.

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