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The Zalman Kaplan Collection
of Pre-War Photos of Szczuczyn, Part 2

These photographs are part of the Zalman Kaplan Collection and are Copyright 1995 by Marvins/Kaplan Archives, Houston, Texas U.S.A.
 Zalman Kaplan was the town photographer of Szczuczyn, 1895-1941, and the grandfather of Mike Marvins. Reprinted here with permission.
Read about the exhibit and book Please contact me if you have any photos to submit.

School for chalutzin graduates, 1925
From cities and towns nearby,
students came to get farm experience to help them be chosen to go to Israel.

Group by Lake, ca 1926
Graduates of a school for Chalutzim.
Students from Szczuczyn, Lomza,
and many other towns.

Volunteer Fire Brigade and Band, mid 1920's
Polish and Jewish members.
Band played on Sundays in the Square.

Z. Berys and friend, mid 1920's

Cycling Club, mid 1930's
Pictured are Haiche and Chaim Sawicki, Mendel Lichtenstein, Kuberski, Garbarsky, and others.

Late 1920's.
Far left: Bergsztejn

Group of Friends, ca 1910
Maurice Gars on fence.
Gars came to U.S. circa 1914.
He was Zalman's assistant and
opened a studio in New Jersey.

Group of Friends, ca 1910
Note the clothing is very contemporary with the times, no long black coats and hats.

Friends of May Kaplan, late 1920's
(not related to Zalman Kaplan)

Okuniewski Family
Owned a large brewery across
Kilinskiego Street from the Kaplan Studio.

Yankiel Dorf leaves for Israel, early 1930's

Kelson leaving for Canada

Drama Circle
Plays raised money for Jewish charities. Also the group traveled to other nearby towns and Bialystok.

Drama Circle.
This is a Yiddish play "Too Late."
The "bride" is Regina Kaplan.

Henry Green (Grynberg).
His father was engineer for the
Farberowicz mills (two of them).

Khelhovsky private religious school.
Mr. Khelhovsky in center with daughter, who later funded the Yizkor book in 1953.

Fourth Grade Book Fair, 1938
Class of Mrs. Leizerson.
She and her own children were sent to Siberia by the Soviets in 1939 and survived the war. The other people in the photograph perished in 1941-42.

Late 1930's
Yitzhak Golding at the "staw" (pond in Polish), a reservoir off the Wissa River, a few blocks from Szczuczyn's market square

Photos Copyright 1995 reprinted with the permission of Mike Marvins.

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