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Szczuczyn Exhibit in Warsaw, Poland, 2004

The Jewish Historical Institute


The Szczuczyn exhibit, "Lives Remembered - A Shtetl Through a Photographer's Eye" opened June 7, 2004 in Warsaw at the museum of The Jewish Historical Institute (Zydowski Instytut Historyczny). It was a huge success, and is now touring throughout Poland. In 2005 it will be shown in New Orleans and Houston.

There were 150 pictures chosen by the Institute for the display - over double the size of the exhibit in New York. During its three month run it was featured in the press and prime time television. I am now talking to the Institute about donating the exhibit to them so they can tour it to other places in Poland and Europe.

Over 85% of today's Jews are descended from families in small towns like Szczuczyn. This exhibit will show a new generation of people in Poland a realistic look at Jewish life in these towns prior to the Holocaust. And, I hope, it will help teach them about tolerance and put names and faces on the victim of the Holocaust. For all of us, it is a memorial to our ancestors who were part of life in Szczuczyn for over 300 years. The pictures cover the years 1895 to 1939.

Mike Marvins
(Zalman Kaplan's grandson)

Families that attended the opening:

Marvins Family (Kaplan)

Massie Family (Ozerowicz)

Wertman Family

Zuckerman Family

Szwarcberg Family

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Yitzhak Wertman (born in Szczuczyn; now living in Israel) and Mike Marvins

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